Conservation Breeding Specialist Group – IUCN

IUCN-The World Conservation Union

  Rue Mauverney  28

  Tel.: 0041-22-999-0152  Fax: 0041-22-999-0015



African Tree Specialist Group

  Chair: Dr. Bienvenu Sambou

  Institut des Sciences de l’Environnement,

   Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Sénégal;

  Tel: 221/825 48 21; 221/ 824 37 10; 221/824 23 02;

  Fax: 221/24 37 14; Email:

Arabian Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Abuzinada

  National Commission for Wildlife

  PO Box 61681,   11575  Riyadh,  Saudi Arabia

  Tel.: 00966-1-441-8700  Fax: 00966-1-441-0797


Australasian Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact:  Ms. Jeanette Mill

  Australian Nature Conservation Agency

  GPO Box 636,   2601  Canberra ACT


Tel: 61/2/62509509; Fax: 61/2/62509599;


Bamboo Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: vacant

Bryophyte Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Dr Tomas Hallingbäck
Contact: Mr Nick Hodgetts, 55 Norton Street, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6BX, UK;

Tel: 44/(0)1476 407142;


Bulb Specialist Group – IUCN

Contact: Dr Alan Meerow, Research Geneticist and Systematist, USDA-ARS-SHRS, 13601 Old Cutler Road, Miami FL,  33158-1334, USA; Tel: 1/305/254-3635; Fax: 1/305/238-9330;


Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Dr. Héctor M. Hernández Macías Contact: Dr Wolfgang Stuppy, Seed Morphologist, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Seed Conservation Department, Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, W. Sussex, RH17 6TN, UK; Tel. 44/(0)1444 894155; Fax: 44/(0)1444 894110; Email:

Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

 Chair: Mr Bertrand von Arx
Contact: Ms Madeleine Groves, Conservation Projects Development Unit, RBG Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB, UK; Tel: 44/208/3325584;

Fax: 44/208/3325582;


China Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

Co-Chair: Prof. Wang Xianpu and Dr Qin Hain-ing
Contact: Prof. Wang Xianpu, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xin Cun 20, Nan Xiang Shan, Beijing 100093, China; Tel: 86/10/62590833; Fax: 86/10/62590833;

Email: Dr Qin Hain-ing: Director: National Herbarium, Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica, 20 Nan Xin Cun, Xiang Shan, Haidiangu, Beijing, 100093, China; Tel: 86/10 6259-0834

Fax: 86/10 6259-0833;


Conifer Specialist Group – IUCN

Contact: Dr Aljos Farjon, Curator of Gymnosperms,

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew,

Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AE,

United Kingdom

Tel: 44/208/3325402; Fax: 44/208/3325278;


Cycad Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. John Donaldson

  National Botanical Institute


  P/Bag x7,   7735  Claremont

  South Africa

  Tel.: 0027-21-762-1166  Fax: 0027-21-762-3229

  Email :

Eastern African Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairwoman  Ms STella Simuyu

  Plant Conservation & Propagation Unit

  National Museum of Kenya

  P.O. Box  45166,  Nairobi,   Kenya

  Tel.: 00254-2-742131  Fax: 00254-2-741424

  Email :

European Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairmann  Dr. Klaus Ammann

  Universität Bern


  Altenbergrain  21

  CH-3013  Bern,   Schweiz

  Tel.: 0041-31-631-4937  Fax: 0041-31-332059

  Email :


Fungi Specialist Group -IUCN

  Chair: Prof. Regis Courtecuisse

  Department de botanique, faculte des sciences

  pharmaceutiques et biologiques

  B.P. 83, F-59006 Lille Cedex,   France

  Tel: 0033-320-964040; Fax: 0033-320-859009



Galapagos Plant Specialist Group -IUCN

    Chair: Dr Alan Tye

    Contact: Dr Alan Tye, Head, Department of Botany,

    Charles Darwin Research Station ,

    Isla Santa Cruz,  Galapagos, Ecuador.

   Postal address: CDRS, Casilla 17-01-3891,

   Quito, Ecuador;       

   Tel/Fax: 593/5 526146/526147/527013/527014;


Indian Ocean Island Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-Chairperson  Dr. Dominique Strasberg

  Université de La Reunion

  Faculté des Sciences

  Laboratoire de Biologie Vegetale/Herbari

  BP  7151

  97715  Saint-Denis, Cedex 9


  Tel.: 00262-9381-70  Fax: 00262-9381-66

  Email :

Indian Subcontinent Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. C.R. Babu

  Department of Botany,  University of Delhi,

  10, Calvary Lines

  110007  Delhi


  Tel.: 0091-11-2511266  Fax: 91/11/7256237

  Email :

 Japanese Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Tetzukazu Yahara

  Department of Biology

  Kyushu University

  812-81  Hakozaki Fukuoka


  Fax: 0081-92-6322741

  Email :

Korean Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Kim Yong-Shik

  Dept. of Landscape Architecture

  College of Natural Resources

  Yeungnam University

  712-749  Kyongsan,  South Korea

  Tel.: 0082-5381-02975  Fax: 0082-5381-33812

  Email :

Legume Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman Dr. Nigel Maxted

  School of Biological Sciences,

  University of Birmingham,

  Birmingham, BT15 2TT

  United Kingdom

  Tel.: 00 44 1214145571  Fax: 0044 1214145463

  Email :

Lichen Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Christoph Scheidegger

  Contact: Dr Christoph Scheidegger,

  Swiss Federal Institute for Forest,

  Snow and Landscape Research,

  Zürcherstrasse 111, Birmensdorf 8903,


  Tel: 41/1/739-2439; Fax: 41/1/739-2215;


Macronesian Island Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairwoman  Dr. Julia Perez de Paz

  Contact: Juan Manuel Lopez Ramirez,

   Jardin Botanico Canario ‘Viera y Clavijo’,

  Apdo. de Correos, 14 de Tafira Alta,

  35017 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,

  Canary Islands, Spain;

  Tel: 349/282/19583; Fax: 349/282/19581;


Madagascar Plant Specialist Group – IUCN
Chair: Dr. Charlotte Rajeriarison
  Contact: 32 Cité des Professeurs,

  Fort-Duchesne, Antananarivo 101,

  Tel: 261/20 222 68 83;


Medicinal Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

   Chair: Dr Danna Leaman

   Contact: Canadian Museum of Nature,

   PO Box 3443, Station D, Ottawa, ON, K1P 6P4,


   Tel: 1 (613) 235-7213; Fax: 1 (613) 235-9622;


Mediterranean Island Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact  Dr. Bertrand de Montmollin

  biol. conseils

  s.a. rue de la Serre  5

  CH-2000  NeuchâTel,   Schweiz

  Tel.: 0041-32-7255-024  Fax: 0041-32-7255-290

  Email :

North American Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairwoman  Ms. Peggy Olwell

  Endangered Species Program Coordinator

  Bureau of Land Management-Washington,

  1849 C Street NW, LSB-204,

  Washington, D.C. 20240,,USA;

  Tel: 1/202/4527764; Fax: 1/202/4527702;


Orchid Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Philip Cribb

  Contact: Ms Shelagh Kell,

  36 Broad Street,

  Lyme Regis, Dorset DT7 3QF,


  Tel/Fax: 44/1297/444542;


Palm Specialist Group – IUCN

   Chair: Dr William Hahn

   Contact: Dr William Hahn, Assistant Professor,

   Centre for Environmental Research,

   Columbia University,

   1200 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027,


   Tel: 1/212/854-8189; Fax: 1/212/854-8188;


Philippine Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Scientist III (Curator), Botany Division,

  National Museum,

  PO Box 2659 P.Burgos St., Manila


  Tel:0063-527-1218; Fax: 00-63-2- 527-1218


Pteridophyte Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-Chairs: Dr Tom Ranker and Clive Jermy
  Contact: Mr Anthony Clive Jermy,

  Godwins House, Staunton-on-Arrow,

  Leominster, HR6 9LE,  UK;

  Tel/Fax: 44/1544/388-776;


South Atlantic Island Plants Specialist Group – IUCN
Chair: Dr Rebecca Cairns-Wicks
  Contact: Dr Rebecca Cairns-Wicks,

  P.O. Box 48, St Helena Island,

  South Atlantic Ocean,


  Tel: 290 4419; Fax: 290 4978;


Southern African Plant Specialist Group – IUCN

   Chair: Janice Golding
  Programme Manager, Threatened Species &    IUCN/SSC Red List Authority for southern Africa,

  National Botanical Institute Directorate,

  Biodiversity Policy and Planning,

  Private Bag X101,

  Pretoria, 0001

  South Africa;

  Tel. 27/12-804 3200 ext. 232; Fax: 27/12-8045343;


Temperate Broadleaved Tree Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact  Dr. David Hunt

  83,  Church Street

  Milborne Port


  DT9 5DJ  Dorset

  Tel.: 0044-1963-250899  Fax: 0044-1963-250999


Temperate South American Plant Specialist Group -IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Carlos Villamil

  Universidad Nacional del Sur

  Departamento de Biologíca

  8000  Bahia Blanca


  Tel.: 0054-91-25196  Fax: 0054-91-552025

  Email :


African Elephant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Holly Dublin
  Contact: Programme Officer,

  IUCN/SSC African Elephant Specialist Group,

  PO Box 68200, Nairobi,


  Tel: 254/2/576461; Fax: 254/2/570385;


African Rhino Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Martin Brooks
  Contact: Richard Emslie, Scientific/Programme   Officer, KZN Wildlife,

  PO Box 13053 Cascades,

  Pietermaritzburg 3202,South Africa; 

  Tel: 27/33 845-1472, 27/33 343-4065;  

  Fax: 27/ 33  845-1498;


Afrotheria Specialist Group – IUCN
Chair: Dr Galen B. Rathbun
  Department of Ornithology and Mammalogy,

  California Academy of Sciences,

  Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California,

  c/o PO Box 202, Cambria, CA 93428-0202,


  Tel/Fax: 1/805/927-3059;


Antelope Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-Chairman  Dr. Richard D. Estes

  5  Granite Street

  NH 03458  Peterborough, U.S.A.

  Tel.: 001-603-9249-804  Fax: 001-603-9249-804


Asian Elephant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Prof. Raman Sukumar
  Contact: Joshua David, Assistant to the Chair,

  IUCN/SSC AsESG Technical Secretariat,

  Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of   Science, Bangalore – 12, Karnataka,  India;

  Tel: 91/80 3600382 / 3600985 (extn – 221);

  Fax: 91/80 3602280;


Asian Rhino Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact  Dr. Tom Foose

  International Rhino Foundation

  1400  International Road

  OH 43732  Cumberland,  U.S.A.

  Tel.: 001-717-765-9373  Fax: 001-717-765-9375

  Email :

Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Mr Simon Hedges
  c/o 4 Malthouse Cottages,

  Lee Lane, Lee, Romsey, SO51 9LH,


  Tel: 44/23/8073-3852;


Australasian Marsupial & Monotreme Specialist Group – IUCN

    Co-Chairs: John Seebeck and Chris Dickman

    Contact: Mr John Seebeck, P.O. Box 500,

    Senior Wildlife  Policy Officer,

    Department of Natural Resources and Environment,

    Victoria, 4/250 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne,

    VIC, 3002,  Australia;

   Tel: 61 (3) 9412-4298; Fax: 61 (3) 9412-4586;


Bear Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Mr Harry V. Reynolds

  Contact: Mr Harry V. Reynolds,

   Wildlife Research Biologist,    

  Alaska Department of Fish and Game – Fairbanks,

  1300 College Road, Fairbanks, AK.99701-1599


  Tel: 1/(907) 459-7238; Fax: 1 (907) 451-9723;


Bison Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-Chairs: Dr Cormack Gates (North American)

  Dr Wanda Olech (European)
  Contact: Dr C. Cormack Gates, Associate Professor,

  Faculty of Environmental Design,

  University of   Calgary, Calgary, Alberta,

  T2N 1N4, Canada;

  Tel: 1/403/220-3027; Fax: 1/403/284-4399;

  Dr Wanda Olech, Department of Animal Genetics,

  Warsaw Agricultural University,

  Przejazd 4, Brwinow, 05-840,



Canid Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact  Ms. Laura Handoca

  Oxford University

  South Parks Road

  OX1 3PS  Oxford,  United Kingdom

  Tel: 44/1865/271289; Fax: 44/1865/271211;


Caprinae Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact  Mr Marco Festa-Bianchet

  Departement de Biologie, Université de Sherbrooke

   Sherbrooke  J1K 2R1  Quebec,   Canada

  Email :

Cat Specialist Group – IUCN

Co-Chairs: Drs Urs and Christine Breitenmoser

Contact: KORA, Thunstrasse 31,

CH-3074 Muri b. Bern, Switzerland;

Tel: 41/(31) 951-9020; Fax: 41/(31) 951 9040;



Cetacean Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Randall Reeves

  OKAPI Wildlife Associates

  27  Chandler Lane,   Hudson

  JOP 1HO  Quebec,   Canada

  Tel.: 001-514-458-7383  Fax: 001-514-458-7383



Chiroptera Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-Chairs: Prof. Paul Racey; Mr Anthony Hutson
  Contact: Mr Anthony Hutson, Winkfield,

  Station Road, Plumpton Green,

  East Sussex BN7 3BU,  UK;

  Tel: 44/0/1273 890341; Fax: 44/0/1273 890859;


Deer Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Dr Susana Gonzalez

Contact: Dr Susana Gonzalez, Inst. Invest. Biol.,

Clemente Estable, Av. Italia 3313, Montevideo, 11 600, Uruguay

Tel: 598/(2) 487-1616; Fax 598 (2) 487-5548


Edentate Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Gustavo Boucharde da Fonseca
  Contact: Ms Jennifer Pervola Fermin (Deputy Chair),

  13501 Hamlet Sq. Ct.,

  Germantown, Md 20874,  USA;

  Tel: 1/301/528 9132;

Equid Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairwoman  Dr. Patricia Moehlman

  The Wildlife Conservation Society

  Box 2031,   Arusha,   Tanzania

  Tel.: 00255-57-7504  Fax: 00255-57-8271

  Email :

Hyaena Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Gus Mills

  National Parks Board SA

  Private Bag X402

  1350  Skukuza,   South Africa

  Tel.: 0027-1311-65611  Fax: 0027-1311-65467


Insectivore, Tree Shrew and Elephant Shrew Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Dr. Werner Haberl

Contact: Dr Werner Haberl, Hamburgerstr. 11/17,

Vienna, A-1050,

Austria; Tel/Fax: 43/(1) 586-1094,


Lagomorph Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Andrew Smith

  Arizona State University

  Dept. of Zoology,   Tempe

  85287-1501  Arizona,   U.S.A.

  Tel.: 1/480/965-4024; Fax: 1/480/965-2519

  Email :

Mustelid, Viverrid and Procyonid Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Vacant

  Chairwoman Procyonid Sub-group 

  Dr. Angela Glatston

  Email :

New World Marsupial Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Ricardo A. Ojeda

  ZoologRa y EcologRa Animal

  Casilla de Correo  507

  5500  Mendoza


  Tel.: 0054-61-287995  Fax: 0054-61-287370


Otter Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact  Herr Claus Reuther

  Otter-Zentrum Hankensbüttel

  Aktion Fischotterschutz e.V.

  Sudendorfallee  1

  29386  Hankensbüttel

  Tel.: 05832-980833  Fax: 05832-980851

  Email :

Pangolin Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Jung-Tai Chao

  Division of Forest Protection

  Taiwan Forestry Research Institute

  53 Nan Hai Road,   Taipei,   Taiwan

  Tel: 886/2/3817107 or 886/2/3091846;

  Fax:   886/2/3142234; Email:

Pig, Peccary and Hippo Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Mr William Oliver

  Fauna & Flora International

  Great Eastern House

  Tenison Road

  CB1 2DT  Cambridge

  United Kingdom

  Tel: 44/1223/571000; Fax: 44/1223/461481;


Polar Bear Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Mr Scott L. Schliebe
  US Fish & Wildlife Service,

  1011 E. Tudor Road,

  Anchorage, Alaska 99503,  USA;

  Tel: 1/907 786 3812; Fax: 1/907 786-3816;


Primate Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Russell Mittermeier

  Conservation International

  1919 M Street NW Suite 600,

  Washington DC 20036, USA;

  Tel: 1/202 912-1031;


Rodent Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Giovanni Amori
  CNR- Institute for Ecosystem Studies

  c/o Dept. Animal and Human Biology

  via A. Borelli 50, 00161 Rome


  Tel: 06/49918013; Fax: 06/4457516;


Seal Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Vacant

Sirena Specialist Group – IUCN

Mr John Reynolds, Marine Science Department,

Eckerd College, 4200 54th Avenue South,

St. Petersburg, FL 33711,

USA, Tel: 1/(813) 864-843, Fax 1/(813) 864-8388;


South American Camelid Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Hernán Torres
  Contact: Hernán Torres,

  Consultor en Estudios Ambientales, Huelén N° 85.

  Oficina 301,



  Tel/Fax: (562) 264 2148;


Tapir Specialist Group – IUCN

Patricia Medici, IPÊ – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas,       Avenida Perdizes, 285, Vila São Paulo, Teodoro Sampaio São Paulo BRAZIL

CEP: 19280-000,

Tel: 55/(18) 3282 4690; Email:

Wolf Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. David Mech

  US Fish & Wildlife Service

  North Central Forest

  1992 Folwell Avenue,

  MN 55108  St Paul


  Tel.: 001-612-649-5231  Fax: 001-612-649-5233



Bustard Specialist Group – IUCN

Contact: Dr Asad Rafi Rahmani, Director,

Bombay Natural History Society,

Hornbill House, Dr Salim Ali Chowk,

Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Mumbai, 400023

India; Tel: 91/(22) 282-1811; Fax: 91 (22) 283-7615;


Cormorant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Herr Mennobart von Eerden

  Directoraat-General Rijkswaterstraat

  Postbus  600,   8200  AP  Lelystad


  Tel: 31/320/260/915; Fax: 31/320/234300;


Cracid Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Daniel Brooks
  Curator of Vertebrate Zoology,

  Houston Museum of Natural Science,

  One Hermann Circle Drive,

  Houston, Texas, USA

  Tel: 1/713/639/4776;

Crane Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. George Archibald

  International Crane Foundation

  E11376  Shady Lane Road


  53913  Wisconsin


  Tel.: 001-608-356-9462  Fax: 001-608-356-9465


Diver and Loon Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Joseph Kerekes
  Canadian Wiildlife Service,

  45 Alderney Drive,

  Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2N6,


  Tel: 902/4266356; Fax: 1/902/4264457;


Duck Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr James Robinson
  Wetland Biodiversity Unit,

  The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust,

  Slimbridge, Glos GL2 7BT,


  Tel: 44/1453891900 ext. 263; Fax: 44/1453890827;


Flamingo Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Alan R. Johnson

  Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat

  Le Sambuc

  F-13200  Arles


  Tel.: 0033-90-972013  Fax: 0033-90-972019


Goose Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Dr Bart Ebbinge

Contact: Dr Bart Ebbinge,

International Nature Management Group,

Dept. of Ecology & Environment, Alterra,

P.O. Box 47,


The Netherlands

Tel:31/317 47 87 29; Fax. 31 317 42 49 88


Grebe Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Jon Fjeldsa

  Zoological Museum 4 afd

  Universitetsparken  15


  Tel: 45/323/21023; Fax: 45/353/21010;


Grouse Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairwoman  Frau Ilse Storch

  Wildbiologische Gesellschaft München e.V

  Linderhof  2

  82488  Ettal


  Tel: 08822-9212-21; Fax 08822-9212-12;


Heron Specialist Group – IUCN

   Chair: Dr Heinz Hafner

 Responsable des études ornithologiques,

 Fondation Tour du Valat pour l’Etude

 et la Conservation de la Nature,

Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat, Le Sambuc,

Arles 13200,


Tel: 33/4/9097 2013; Fax: 33/4/9097-2019;


Dr James Kushlan,

P.O. Box 1930,

Edgewater, MD 21037-1930,

United States of America;

Tel: 1/410/2634206;


Megapode Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. René Dekker

  National Museum of Natural History

  P.O. Box  9517

  2300 RA  Leiden

  The Netherlands

  Tel.: 0031-71-514-3844  Fax: 0031-71-513-3344

  Email :

Partridge, Quail and Francolin Specialist Group – IUCN

  Warnell School of Forest Resources,

  the University of Georgia,

  Athens, GA 30602-2152,


  Tel: 1/706/5425815;


Pelican Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair (Old World)  Dr. Alain Crivelli

  Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat

  Le Sambuc

  F-13200  Arles


  Tel.: 0033-90-972013  Fax: 0033-90-972019


Pheasant Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Peter Garson

  University of Newcastle

  Dept. of Agriculture & Environmental Science

  King George VI Building

  NE1 7RU  Newcastle Upon Tyne

  United Kingdom

  Tel: 44/191/2226674; Fax: 44/191/2227891

  Email :

Rail Specialist Group-IUCN

  Chair: Dr Barry Taylor
  University of Natal,

  Private Bag X01, Pietermaritzburg,

  Scottsville 3209,

  South Africa;

  Tel: 27/(331) 2605-116; Fax: 27/(331) 2605-105;


Seaduck Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Stefan Pihl

  Department of Wildlife Biology

  National Environ. Research Institute

  Grenavej 12, Kalo,  8410 Ronde,   Denmark

  Tel: 0045-892-01506; Fax: 0045-892-01515


Stork, Ibis and Spoonbill Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-Chair: Dr Malcolm Coulter;

  Co-Chair: Mr. Wim Van den Bossche
  Contacts: (New World) Malcolm C. Coulter,

  P.O. Box 480 Chocorua,

  New Hampshire 03817, USA;

  Tel: 1/603/3239342; Fax: 1/603/3239342;


  (Old World) Mr. Wim Van den Bossche,

  BirdLife Belgium,

  Kardinaal Mercierplein 1,

  2800 Mechelen,


  Tel: 32/15297249; Fax: 32/15/424921;


Swan Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Jan Beekman
  Lodewijk Tripstraat 4-N,

  1052 ES Amsterdam,

  The Netherlands;

  Tel. 020-6828695;mobile: 06-25504011;


Threatened Waterfowl Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman: Mr Baz Hughes

  Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust,

  Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, GL2 7BT,

  United Kingdom

  Tel: 44/1453/891916 ext: 259; Fax: 44/1453/890901;


Wader Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Mr David Stroud

Wader Study Group, Monkstone

House House, City Road, Peterborough PE1 1JY,

United Kingdom

Tel: 49/1773/866810; Fax: 44/1733/555948;


Woodcock and Snipe Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Yves Ferrand
  CNERA – Avifaune Migratrice,

  BP 20,

  78612 Le Perreay, En Yvelines Cedex,


  Tel: 33/130466016 Fax: 33/130466099;


Reptiles and Amphibians

African Reptile and Amphibian Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. William Branch

  Curator of Herpetology

  Port Elizabeth Museum

  P.O. Box  13147

  6013  Humewood,    South Africa

  Tel.: 0027-41-561051  Fax: 0027-41-562175

  Email :

China Reptile and Amphibian Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact: Department of Biological Science

  and Biotechnics,  

  Yantai Normal University, Yantai,

  Shandong, 264025,  China;


Crocodile Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Prof Harry Messel

  Contact  Dr. James Perran Ross

  Florida Museum of Natural Sciences

  University of Florida

  Gainsville,   32611  Florida,   U.S.A.

  Tel.: 001-904-392-1721  Fax: 001-904-392-9367

  Email :

European Reptile and Amphibian Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair  Mr Keith Corbett

  Herpetological Conservation Trust

  655 a,  Christchurch Road

  Boscombe,    BH1 4AP  Bournemouth

  United Kingdom

  Tel.: 0044-1202-391319  Fax: 0044-1202-392785

Global Amphibian Specialist Group-IUCN

Chair: Dr Claude Gascon

Contact: Dr Claude Gascon, Deputy Director, CABS,

Conservation International,

1919 M St. N.W. Suite 600,  Washington DC 20036

USA Tel: 1 (202)975-9717; Fax: 1 (202) 331-0570;


Iguana Specialist Group-IUCN

Co-Chairs: Dr Allison Alberts; Jose Ottenwalder

Contact: Dr Allison Alberts,

Center for Reproduction   of Endangered Species,

 Zoological Society of San Diego,

 P.O. Box 551, San Diego, CA 92112, USA;

Tel: 1/619/5573955; Fax: 1/619/5573959;


Madagascar and Mascarene Reptile &

Amphibian Specialist Group -IUCN

  Contact: Dr Gerald Kuchling

  Department of Zoology

  University of Western Australia

  Nedlands, WA 6907 ,   Australia

  Tel: 0061-8-9380/2227; Fax: 0061-8-9380-1029


Marine Turtle Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Vacant
  Contact: (Interim Administrator)

  Dr James Perran Ross,  Programme Officer,

  Florida Museum of Natural  History,

  Box 117800, University of Florida, Gainesville,

  Florida 32601, USA;

  Tel: 1/352/8462566; Fax: 1/352/3929367;


South American Reptile Specialist Group – IUCN

  Cátedra de Herpetología Museo de La Plata

  Paseo del Bosque s/nº,

  1900 – La Plata


  Tel: 54/(21) 234-515; Fax: 54 (21) 226-111;


South and SouthEast Asian Reptile Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Indraneil Das
 Institute of Biodiversity &

 Environmental Conservation;

 Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS),

 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak,


  Tel: 082/671000; Fax: 082/671903;


Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-Chairs: Mr John Behler and Anders Rhodin
  Contact: Mr John Behler,

  Wildlife Conservation Society,

  2300 Southern Boulevard,

  Bronx, New York 10460,


  Tel: 1/(718) 220-5157; Fax: 1/(718) 220-7114;



Caribbean Freshwater Fish Specialist Group-IUCN

  Co-Chairs: Carlos Rodríguez and Michael Smith
  Contact: Dr Michael Smith,

  Center for Applied Biodiversity Science,

  Conservation International,

  1919 M St. N.W. Suite 600,

  Washington DC 20036,  USA;

  Tel: 1/202/912/1520; Fax: 1/202/912/0772;


Coral Reef Fish Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Dr Terry Donaldson

International Marinelife

Alliance, Marine Laboratory,

University of Guam, 303 University Drive,

UOG Station, Mangilao, GU 96923


Tel: 1/(671) 735-2175; Fax:1/(671) 734-6767;


Grouper and Wrasse Specialist Group – IUCN

  Contact: Dr Yvonne Sadovy

  Department of Ecology and Biodiversity

  The University of Hong Kong

  Pokfulam Road,  Hong Kong,   China;

  Tel: 00852-2859-8977; Fax: 00852-2517-6082



Salmon Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Guido R. Rahr, President, Wild Salmon Center,

  The Natural Capital Center, 721 NW 9th Ave,

   Suite   290, Portland, Oregon 97209,  USA

  Tel: 503-222-1804


Shark Specialist Group -IUCN

  Co-Chair: Dr Sarah Fowler; Dr John A. Musick

  Contact: Dr Rachel Cavanagh,

  SSG Programme Officer,

  Nature Bureau International,

  36 Kingfisher Court, Hambridge Road,

  Newbury RG14 5SJ, Berkshire, UK;

  Tel: 44/1635/550380; Fax: 44/1635/550230;


Sturgeon Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Mohammad Pourkazemi

  Director, International Sturgeon Research Institute    (IERTO), PO Box 41635-3464, Rasht, Iran;

  Tel: 98 1316606503 Fax: 98 131 6606502



European Invertebrate Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Deborah Procter

Species Advisor dealing with invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles

JNCC Monkstone House, City Road

Peterborough PE1 1JY, United kingdom

Tel: 44 1733 866209; Fax 44 1733555948


Inland Water Crustacean Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Dr Keith Crandall

Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology,

Brigham Young University, 574 Widtsoe Building,

Provo UT 84602


Tel: 1/(801) 378-3495; Fax: 1/(801) 378-7423


Mollusc Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-chair  Dr. Mary Seddon

  Biodiversity & Systematic Biology

  National Museum & Galleries of Wales

  Cathays Park


  United Kingdom

  Tel.: 0044-1222-573343  Fax: 0044-1222-239009

  Email :

Odonata Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Dr Jan Van Tol

   P.O. Box 24,

  2250 AA Voorschoten,


Tel: 31/71/568-7606; Fax: 31/71/568-7600


Social Insect Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Donat Agosti
  Embassy of Switzerland 10,

  Abdel Khalek Saroit,

  P.O. Box 633, Cairo,


  Tel: 1/202/5758133 or 1/5758284;



Southern African Invertebrates Group -IUCN

  Chair: Prof. Michael Samways
  Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology, University of Stellenbosch,

  Private Bag X1, Matieland, 7602

  South Africa; Tel: 27/725017818


South Asian Invertebrate Specialist Group – IUCN

   Co-Chairs: Dr B. A. Daniel and

   Professor T. N. Ananthakrishnan
   Contact: Dr. Daniel B. A. Scientific Officer,

   Zoo Outreach Organisation, 29-1,

   I Cross East, Bharathi Colony,

   P.B. 1683 Peelamedu, Coimbatore 641004, India;

   Tel: 91/422 561-087, 91/422/480/185;

   Fax: 91/422/563/269; Email:;

   Professor T. N. Ananthakrishnan

   Flat 6, 42 (22), Kamdar Nagar, Nungambakkam,

   Chennai,   TN 600034,  India, Tel: 91/44 827-0682


Conservation Breeding Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chairman  Dr. Ulie Seal

  12101  Johnny Cake Ridge Road

  Apple Valley,  55124-8151  Minnesotta,  U.S.A.

  Tel.: 001-612-431-9325  Fax: 001-612-432-2757

  Email :

Invasive Species Specialist Group – IUCN

Re-Introduction Specialist Group – IUCN

  Chair: Dr Frederick Launay

  Senior Conservation Officer.

  Environmental Research &

  Wildlife Development   Agency (ERWDA)

  P.O. Box 45553 Abu Dhabi,

  United Arab Emirates (UAE);

  Tel: 971/2/693/4506 or 693/4628;

  Fax: 971/2/681/0008;


Sustainable Use of Wild Species Specialist Group – IUCN

Chair: Mr Leif Christoffersen

Contact: David Beamont,

Administration and Communications Officer,

IUCN Sustainable Use Team, IUCN USA Multilateral  Office, 1630 ConnecticutAvenue, 3rd Floor, NW  Washington DC, USA 20009;

Tel: 1/202 518 2053; Fax: 1/202 387 4823




Veterinary Specialist Group – IUCN

  Co-Chairs: Dr Richard Kock and Dr William Karesh
  Contact: Dr Richard A Kock, Technical Assistant –

  Wildlife Veterinary Expert,

  PACE Epidemiology, Organisation of African Unity,

  Inter African Bureau for Animal Resources,

  P.O.Box 30786, Nairobi,

  Kenya;  Tel: 254/2/334550; Fax: 226565;


 Task Forces

Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force – IUCN

  Chair: Dr James Hanken
  Contact: Dr Tim Halliday,

  International Director and Dr John Wilkinson,

  International Coordinator, Department of Biology,

  The Open University,

  Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA,


  Tel: 44/1908/653831; Fax: 44/1908/653744;




Declining Pollination Task Force – IUCN

  Chair: Peter G. Kevan
  Dept. Environmental Biology,

  University of Guelph,

  Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1,


   Tel: 1/519 824-4120 x2479;



Plant Conservation Committee-IUCN

  Chair: Assoc. Prof. David R Given
  Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation,

  Lincoln University,

  New Zealand;

  Tel: 643/325/2811; Fax: 64/3/325/3844;


Red List Committee – IUCN
   Chair: Dr Georgina Mace
   Contact: Craig Hilton-Taylor,

   Red List Programme Officer,

   219c Huntingdon Road,

   Cambridge, CB3 ODL, UK;
   Tel: 44/(0)1223 277966; Fax: 44/(0)1223 277845;

Species Information Service Committee – IUCN
  Co-Chairs: Dr Andrew Smith and

  Professor Luigi Boitani
  Contact: Dr Mariano Gimenez Dixon,
  Species Programme,

  IUCN-The World Conservation Union,
  Rue Mauverney 28,
  1196 Gland,
  Tel: 41/( 0)22 9990155; Fax: 41/( 0)22 9990015;

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