Hanoi Zoological Park Gardens

Park Thun Le Ba Dinh Hanoi Tel.: ++84-4-343-439 FAX: ++84-4-343-439

Their EMail: hanoizoo@netnam.vn
Look at their web site: Hanoi Zoological Park Gardens

Established in : Member of the organisations:- ISIS; SEAZA —————————————– Where no information is available we enter a “0” —————————————– Total area of Zoo/Aquarium : 0.00 hectares Entrance fee for adults is 0.00 Entrance fee for children is 0.00 Aproximately 0 visitors annually 0 staff are employed at the institution Number of animals: 549 in 92 species 36 species of mammals 51 species of birds 4 species of reptiles 1 species of amphibians 0 species of fish 0 species of invertebrates

 Director: Dang Gia Tung  

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