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Schwerpunkt: Ligatne Nature Park - a special recreational and educational area of Gauja NP was created near Ligatne village in 1975. Following attractions are situated in the forests of the Gauja River Valley: · Nature trail with fenced areas for wild animals and with bird nest - boxes put out in forest, length 5,5km. · Botanical trail, length 1,1km, most attractive from late April till August. · Fairy-tale path, length 0,9km, with wooden sculptures showing the personage of famous play. · Wild nature trail, length 1,3km. · Scenic 5,1km long route for car drivers. · Tower for sightseeing, height 22m, on the top of highest hill of the area - 78m above the sea level. Pilats, Herr Valdis, Zoologe, Email: 

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